Kirklees Drug Action Team

“Ken George’s (KGB Productions) naturally creative flair combined with a professional relaxed approach quickly established the trust of the DVD contributors exploring a difficult and very sensitive subject, ensuring their willingness to make frank and frequently emotional personal disclosures around the impact drug use had on them, their families and friends.
“Throughout the project Ken and his work associates maintained high levels of professionalism and dedication being sympathetic to the needs of the contributors whilst fully engaging in the post production process and ultimately deliver on time a ‘truly exceptional’ training resource both supporting community training and an extensive PSHCE training programme provided to all Kirklees High Schools.
“The high quality final content provides an outstanding training resource which effectively communicates important messages in a unique way and is making a difference to people’s lives throughout Kirklees.
Alan Laurie
Training & Workforce Development Manager
Kirklees Drug Action Team